How to Use VoIP With the DISH Network

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that uses your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls. If you wish to your VoIP service and Dish Network on the same Internet connection, you can do so by hooking your phone up to your Dish Network receiver. This will allow you to use both services simultaneously.

Connect an Ethernet cable from your Dish Network receiver to a LAN port on your VoIP adapter. If your Dish Network receiver has a USB port instead of a LAN port, connect a USB to Ethernet adapter to your USB port and then connect an Ethernet cable from the adapter to a LAN port on your VoIP adapter.

Connect your VoIP receiver to a LAN switch if you only have one LAN port on your receiver. These can be purchased from any major electronics outlet.

Connect your computer to another LAN port on your VoIP adapter. You will now be able to use both your VoIP service and Dish Network Internet simultaneously.

Connect your VoIP phone to your VoIP adapter to begin using your VoIP service.

check Make sure cables are inserted firmly so that they do not fall out.
Items you will need
VoIP adapter with multiple LAN ports or
VoIP adapter with single LAN port and LAN switch
USB to Ethernet adapter
2 Ethernet cables
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