Newbie – How to setup voip with DECT phones ?

Not with VoipCheap, no. Its a Skype gadget only it seems. It also requires you to have your machine switched on all the time.

Something like this would work.. Or if you feel adventures get this.. They are both the same, but the last one is locked to Vonage. It can be unlocked, but it is a gamble and you might destroy it if you dont know what you are doing.. I have unlocked a couple, and its not that hard.

Personally I would stay away from Skype as it is a protocol nobody elses uses, which means you are stuck with them, even if they push up prices, etc.. With SIP you can change provider if you find a better offer, and there are lots of companies offering free phonecalls all over Europe and other parts of the world.. (VoIPDiscount, VoIPstunt, InternetCalls to name a few).

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